Imagine Your Life Story: The Three Act Play

The Typical [Super] Hero Story Line

Act I: Ordinary Life

The Hero lives a usual, normal, ordinary life; they have challenges and obstacles, but also a dream or desire for more. However, they don’t take action to achieve their dream. (Either they don’t believe they are worthy, they are not ‘the one’, or simply don’t know what to do.)

Think of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

Act II: The Transformation 

Then they meet a mentor/guide. In Act II, two things happen. First, the hero receives their superpowers. Second they go on a life-changing adventure or quest, where several things happen. The hero acquires critical knowledge, skills and insight. They face and overcome their fears and doubts. Finally, they realize their purpose and potential, and make a plan to do great things.

Act III: Great Future

The hero returns from their experience; knows who they are, what they’re meant to do, and how to do it. And lives an amazing life, accomplishing extraordinary things.

And…looks forward to ‘the sequel’ where they get to overcome even bigger challenges (now that they know they can), and accomplish even bigger things. 

You + Real World Superhero Academy™

Act I: Your ‘Ordinary’ Life

You are living a usual, normal, ordinary life right now; you have challenges and obstacles, but you also have dreams and a desire for more. However, you don’t take action to achieve your dream. (Most people are stuck here and their dream dies within them – one day at a time.)

Think about yourself in your current life story.

Act II: Your Transformation 

Then you meet (hear of) Dale. And two things happen. First, together you identify, develop and Activate Your Real World Superpowers. Second, you experience the Adventure-Quest – your magical journey of self-discovery and personal growth – where you learn life-changing principles of success and world-class performance, through your own unique combination of up to 25 imaginary ‘adventure lessons’.

Act III: Your Great Future

After completing the Adventure-Quest you know who you really are, what you’re truly meant to do, and exactly how you’re going to succeed in a way no one else can.

Oh…and you live an amazing life, accomplishing extraordinary things, becoming the incredible person you’ve always wanted to be.

The Real World Superhero Academy™ Program

Your Adventure Begins Here…

Live the adventure. Just like all superheroes, you life-story transformation (a.k.a. ‘the adventure’) has two parts: find out what they are in this video.

No really. Can YOU imagine? Why settle for ‘ordinary’ when you can have so much more?

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How We Activate Your Superpowers.

When we say we help you identify your talents, develop them into strengths, then transform them into – what feel and perform like – real world superpowers…we really mean it. Here’s how we do it.

Major Update: The online training program has now been expanded to include 16 modules.

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Well, Are You Ready…?

Do you want more out of life? Do you want to find out what’s possible for you? Do you want to…

  • Identify and ‘live into’ the amazing life you truly desire,
  • Get the extraordinary results you really want to get, and
  • Become the incredible person that, deep down inside, you’ve always wanted to be?

Do you want to have FUN in the process?

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Final Call: Can You Image…?

Stop living trapped in your superhero’s secret identity. Instead live as your true (real world) superhero identity! Do you want to make a real difference? Would you like to discover and unleash your true greatness? Want to live the life YOU truly desire?

Find out how that’s possible in this (final) video.

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