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Here’s what we know so far:

The Face Behind the Mask (if you can stand to look)

Dale 2016 - Copy3

Okay, so he doesn’t really wear a mask (or a cape).

In fact, we’re just happy when he remembers to put on pants!

Presented in Adventure Quest outcome format (backstory below)

Alias (Superhero ID):

‘The Superhero Guy’ and The Diamond Cutter (my favorite)

Founder, Creator and Real World Superhero Coach – Real World Superhero Academy™ (RWSHA)

Anthem (tagline):

Helping Ordinary People Accomplish Extraordinary Things

…and having a lot of fun in the process!

Secret Identity:

CEO, Critical Insight Group (CIGwebsite)

The shadow organization – a.k.a. ‘front’ – which aids and supports the top-secret covert operations of The Real World Superhero Academy™ (RWSHA)

Superhero Missions:

Primary Mission(s):

RWSHA – Transforming Everyday Business Professionals into Real World Superheroes (search FAQs for description of Real World Superheroes)

CIG – Developing ‘Great Leaders of Great Teams™’ throughout organizations

Mission Objectives:

RWSHA – I’ll coach and equip you (meaning I’ll bring out the very best within you then add whatever else you need) so that you can…

  • Identify and ‘live into’ that amazing life you truly desire,
  • Get the extraordinary results you really want to get, and
  • Become the incredible person that deep down inside you’ve always wanted to be.

CIG – Developing strong, effective, truly confident leaders – and leadership teams – who know exactly how to build incredibly high-performing teams; focused on…

  • Elevating Leadership
  • Activating Strengths (Strengths-based performance management)
  • Accelerating Growth
  • Stimulating Engagement
(Real World) Superpowers:
  • Creatively challenging and expanding your thinking and beliefs, to open up entirely new possibilities, new levels of performance, in your life;
  • Taking you far beyond where all others leave off regarding identifying, developing, and leveraging your strengths to multiply your success in the pursuit of your goals and dreams;
  • Training and mentoring you in the world’s most trusted and respected advanced leadership model to dramatically increase your influence, deepen your connections and enhance your value with the people, teams and organizations you interact with; and
  • Making personal growth a fascinating, fun, and energizing part of your life—so unlike so many others, you don’t ignore this critical element of your success.

When we are…

  • leveraging our strengths
  • in achievement of our goals
  • as part of living our purpose
  • aligned with our values

Life feels…almost effortless, and is much more meaningful, rewarding and fun; with little worry, frustration or stress!

In other words, we feel like a Real World Superhero!


‘Good enough’ (a.k.a. not bad), untapped (wasted) potential, unpursued dreams, unknown purpose, settling/accepting less than what’s possible, focusing on weaknesses, self-doubt, and negative self-talk

Secret Weapon:

Business partnership with John Maxwell  – the world’s #1 authority on leadership.

(John’s written 4 of the world’s top 5 books on leadership.)

When to Call (a.k.a. Value Prop):

I’m valued for my practical innovation thinking (ideas/teaching) – delivered with a wee bit (or more) of humor

Style (Preferred Methods):

Helping you realize you are the author, not just narrator, of your life story. Therefore, you don’t have to just ‘accept’ your life – you can actually create it.

I do this by helping you progress through all three ‘acts’ of your “Hero” story line, by experiencing both the “Activate Your Real World Superpowers” and “Adventure-Quest” coaching programs.

Let’s begin to write the future story you truly desire. Start Now.


Granddaughter (Ella) and anything from a bakery

Past Missions:

See business client list here and individual testimonials here. here, and (on the Welcome Home page of this website) here.

Dale’s Backstory

The first half of my career was split between senior management positions in the financial services, retail, and professional services industries and consulting/advising to large corporate clients in a wide variety of industries throughout North American mostly around business performance.

During a recent 8 year period I helped improve the performance, and hopefully the lives, of over 1.2 million employees in 40 of the very best Fortune 500 companies. If you care about any more of that you can check out my bio for Critical Insight Group here.

Turns out I have a real knack for developing extremely high performing teams. (Unfortunately, for my corporate career, I don’t get politics – ‘office’ or otherwise – and I couldn’t care less about status, perks, and the whole ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ thing.)

I continue working as a Master Human Capital Strategist with The Human Capital Institute.

Over the last decade, as I’ve expanded my professional coaching practice, I got a personal invite from John to join him as a founding partner as he launched the John Maxwell Team (an international team of master leadership and personal development coaches). I combined that program with my personal expertise around strengths-based world-class performance to create what you now see as the Real World Superhero Academy’s ‘Activate Your Real World Superpowers’ and the whole ‘Adventure-Quest’ experience.

I’m currently working to expand and improve the online components of these programs so that I can reach more people with both of these powerful programs (sorry the whole video thing is new to an old dog like me) in a more cost-effective and time convenient way.



Not a chance. The story’s not even close to over yet!

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