Leah's Full Story

Following Your Passion (and Launching Your Dream Business)

I’ll mostly let Leah tell her story in this video, but to match the structure of other stories here’s a few relevant details.


Act I:

Leah had worked as a fitness director for the YMCA across the country for roughly 20 years. She always dreamed of opening her own Yoga studio, but had never taken the necessary action.


Act II:

We started working together in the coaching program, after she was involved in a number of mastermind group with me. We put a plan together to leverage her personal strengths and her wealth of knowledge and skills.


Act III:

Once she decided to ‘go for it’, Embrace the Wobble Yoga Studio was open for business in a mindboggling 60 days! It took her just 2 months to go from nothing to ‘open for business’. Amazing. And she’s loves discovering how much she really enjoys being an entrepreneur and growing her flourishing business.

The twist? After working for the ‘Y’ for 20 years, she lost her job just 2 weeks after launching her business. Had she not taken action when she did, Embrace the Wobble might not ever have come to be. And an entire community would have lost out.

Some of the fun of owning your own studio! Check it out here.