Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching

When you first talk to business people about ‘real world superheroes’, and ‘real world superpowers’, (or superhero missions), for some reason they seem to have a lot of questions. Go Figure!

This section answers several questions many people have prior to working with Dale. Reading through these should prepare you to get the most out of working with Dale as your personal coach. Doing so prior to your one-on-one ‘get acquainted’ meeting with Dale will ensure you’re well prepared for that conversation, too.

For Real World Superhero Academy™

The Science Behind the Fun

So you don’t think this is all just ‘fun and games’, here’s a quick summary of some of the foundational principles upon which the Real World Superhero Academy coaching program is based.

  • Human Imagination – The most powerful creative force on the planet (and in your life).
  • Psychology of Gaming – When facing tough challenges, ‘playing’ ensures more creativity, determination, optimism and confidence.
  • Pareto Principle – 80/20 Rule shows that the 20% (that gets us 80% of results) is 16 times more productive than other 80%. The source of ‘superpowers’.
  • ‘Head-Fake Learning’ – Powerful learning technique where a deeper, more complex, lesson is embedded within a simple lesson.
  • The Subconscious Mind, the ‘Critical Factor’ and ‘Suspending Disbelief’ – Simply stated, the source of all human performance.
  • Having Fun & Being Happy – Besides actually being the goal…it relaxes, calms, and opens the mind for great possibilities.
What are Real World Superheroes?

Real world superheroes are thought leaders, major change agents, and/or influential leaders within their company, their industry, and their profession. They can also be top performers within their profession, champions for a cause, or achievers of major breakthroughs/advances in their fields. They are people that truly make a difference and are recognized for it.

“When we’re leveraging our strengths in the achievement of our goals as part of living our purpose aligned with our values…life becomes almost effortless, and much more meaningful, rewarding and fun, with little worry, stress, or frustration.

In fact, we feel like we’re living the life-story of a Real World Superhero!

The "Why" Behind the RWSHA Program

I believe that anyone – regardless of their current situation or anything in their past – has the potential to ‘live into’ the life they truly desire. And my calling is to help you live that life.

Being a coach and mentor for most of my career (regardless of my role or environment), I wanted to take the coaching profession up a couple notches and create a unique and tremendously valuable professional coaching program that would have the potential of truly transforming people’s lives.

My goal was to create an experience that was both emotionally engaging and intellectually challenging, while also being entertaining and fun. My objective was to not just provide ‘deep’ meaningful insights, knowledge and ideas, but to also present them in a fun, humorous and imaginative way so that they can be easily understood and applied by people in their lives.

After decades of experience, research, study, etc., in 2013, I invested an entire year of nights and weekends in the pursuit of that objective: imagining, designing, and bringing to life such a program. The result: the Real World Superhero Academy™!

I hope you take the opportunity to invest in yourself, experience this unique adventure for yourself, and take advantage of its potential to enrich your life in ways you can’t even yet imagine!

RWSHA Structure - The Coolest Part!

This, is the coolest part! This high-performance professional coaching program is intentionally designed so that each one of you lives your own unique superhero story. You see, each of you will experience exactly what it feels like to be a Real World Superhero. But not just during the program, for the rest of your life if you want to. Can you imagine how life-changing and just plain fun that could be?”

At the RWSHA, your life-story transforms from an average ordinary everyday life… to the amazing life of your dreams. And just like storybook superheroes, your transformation has 2 parts.

The first is called, ‘Activate Your Real World Superpowers’. Here I help you identify your talents, develop them into strengths, then transform them into what feel and perform like real world superpowers.

But it takes more than a few ‘Powers’ to become a Real World Superhero.

So the second part of your transformation is called the ‘Adventure-Quest’. Think of this as your magical journey of self-discovery and personal growth; where in addition to ongoing professional coaching you also receive your own unique combination of over 25 [what we call] ‘adventure lessons’ where you’ll visit imaginary locations to learn invaluable lessons of personal success and world-class performance. (It’s sorta’ like going to a virtual Disneyland that has magical life-changing powers.)

You see this entire program is intentionally designed to ‘coach and equip’ you – to challenge and expand your thinking & beliefs – so that you can do 3 things:

  1. ‘Live into’ the amazing life you truly desire;
  2. Get the extraordinary results you really want to get;
  3. And become the incredible person that deep down inside you’ve always wanted to be.

So if that sounds interesting to you; if that sounds like something you’d like to have in your life; or even something you’d just like to hear more about…then go ahead and contact me. And I’ll set-up a time to have a SUPERPOWER-ful 1-on-1 conversation about what I can do in your life.

Because my clients…feel like they’re living the life of a real world superhero!

Let me take you on an adventure and show you how you can do it too!

How’s that for different?

What Makes RWSHA So Valuable?

Hey, come on! Is any other high-performance coach talking about ‘superpowers, superheroes, secret identities, superhero missions, etc.’, or making the entire process of personal development and achievement exciting and fun? Who else takes you on a ‘fascinating imaginary journey of self-discovery and personal growth?’ Most other coaches and coaching program focus only on accountability, blind spots, addressing weaknesses, and making the hard changes you should be making.

As an expert practitioner I really understand what it takes to live the life you want to live AND how to make learning how to do it interesting and fun. I’m not simply a coach (bringing out what’s in you), but I’m also a mentor, advisor and teacher giving you deep understanding in key areas of human performance and human potential so you can leverage that knowledge in your own life. I love taking my clients on their own unique journey and making it valuable, memorable and fun.

This program gets amazing results because it’s fun and it allows you tosee it, and feel it, so you can go live it.’

How’s that for different?

Where to Begin?

Your adventure begins with a simple one-on-one conversation with Dale. A conversation about what you really want in life; what you really want to do and achieve; what you want to have and who you want to become. Dale can take it from there. He’ll show you how he can help you live the life you really want, put a plan together to make it happen, and help you work that plan. And while it does take work, Dale will make it fun every step of the way. To set-up that conversation go here.

While many people begin working with Dale as their personal coach right away, some want to get to know him a little bit better before taking that step.  A great way to do that is to take the online video training program on discovering and developing your unique personal strengths entitled Activate Your Real World Superpowers. This fun and powerful program will help you realize your true greatness. Find out more about this program or get started here.

For Professional Coaching in General

Why Hire a Coach - What's the value?

Coaching improves the performance and results of the people who take advantage of it. 

As a simple example, think about the difference in performance and development of two identically talented athletes at the beginning of a sports season; one has a coach, the other decides to ‘go it on their own’. Which do you think will understand their strengths, develop an effective strategy to leverage them successfully, achieve more throughout that season, and by the end of the season be the better athlete? (Think of those two ‘identically talented’ athletes as two versions of you – and possible futures for you.)

The same things apply to having a personal coach in your life. They help you identify and develop your strengths, create effective personal strategies, achieve more, and become the person you really want to be.

People hire me because they want more out of life, or they feel stuck, confused or frustrated and want help figuring out what to do and how to do it. They understand that to improve their lives they need to improve themselves, and professional coaching is proven to be the most effective way to do that.

Sometimes people just need help figuring out what they really want in life or what they can do to improve their situation. I can help there, too.

You see, we all have habitual behaviors, ingrained patterns of thinking and decision-making, limiting beliefs, false assumptions (about ourselves, others and the world around us), and personal habits that all can be improved. The trouble is, because they’re habitual, we aren’t even aware of them. Those things are handled by our subconscious mind, so we aren’t consciously aware of them. Therefore, they are nearly impossible to change on our own.

A coach brings that awareness…and improvement.

Who Hires a Coach?

My clients come from many walks of life but the common characteristics are that they want more out of life, or are looking to make a change, and they want help understanding what they should do and how to do it. They want to improve their life, and honestly, are smart enough to know they can’t do it alone.

Many clients are business professionals (senior business leaders/managers, small business owners, or independent professionals) who have had some success in their lives already and:

  • Want to take their success to a higher level, play bigger, shift into a higher gear; or
  • Have lost some momentum in their career, or their business has plateaued and they want to get that positive momentum back; or
  • Are looking to make a major change and pursue something more aligned with their true passions & purpose.

The key is that they want to make a change, and are willing to do the work, they just need help identifying what they need to change – how they need to think differently – and how to do it.

Why Dale?

I make the coaching and personal growth experience fun and exciting; not clinical and arduous. I simply don’t believe people hire a coach to have another ‘boss’ or ‘know-it-all’ in their life.

As a coach, I’m known for…

  • Helping you identify and develop your greatness,
  • Helping you realize your true potential; and
  • Equipping you to ‘live into’ the life of your dreams.

For me it’s not good enough to just help you move from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’. I also want to prepare you to be successful when you get to ‘point B’.

In everything I do…

  • I believe…in growing, equipping, and positioning people so that they can ‘do, be and have’ what they truly desire in their lives.
  • I know…that our thinking drives our behavior which determines our results (the conditions, circumstances and outcomes in our lives); therefore, to change our results we must change our thinking. That’s simply how it works.
  • I believe...therefore, that profoundly enriching your thinking is the best way to dramatically and consistently improve your life.
  • I believe…that helping you identify, develop and leverage your strengths is the best way for you to access the virtually limitless untapped potential within you and use it to pursue your dreams, purpose and passions.
  • I believe…that making the process of growth and change fun and entertaining makes it much more effective and the growth/change easier, faster and more powerful.

I provide…fun, creative and insightful (insight-filled) professional coaching programs that equip and empower you to…

  • Clarify and pursue your life’s purpose and passions,
  • Discover and develop your personal strengths,
  • Realize and access your true/full potential, and
  • Put a workable action plan, and a focused development plan, in place that will allow you to ‘live into’ the life you truly desire.

This results in…you being prepared and positioned to ‘do, be and have’ what you truly want in life. You’ll know…

  • Who you are (and can become),
  • What you are truly meant to do (and why), and
  • How you are going to do it.

I’ll guide and advise you every step of the way as you make your desired life your actual life.

How Does the Coaching Process Work?

The coaching process is a ‘designed relationship’ with the sole purpose of helping you achieve what you want to achieve in life and/or become the person you want to be. From there it is customized to your needs, desires and situation to maximize the benefits for you.

Initially, we’ll discuss your situation and your specific objectives and goals for our work together. From there we’ll structure the program so it best fits your needs. In this initial orientation meeting, we’ll walk through the Coaching Guide and Agreement that we’ll use as the foundation for our work together to ensure you have clear expectations and every question you might have is answered. We may use other tools during our time together to maximize the value you get from the experience. That all depends upon what you’re looking for from our time working together.

Typical my coaching engagements include weekly one-hour conversations, either in-person or over the phone. (Weekly meetings help develop and sustain the momentum that is key to successful change and personal achievement.) And provides unlimited email support. And based upon what you’re looking to achieve, and the changes you’re seeking, we’ll work together for anywhere from three to nine months.

How Do I Find Out More, or Get Started?

The next step is for us to have a one-on-one conversation so that we can get to know each other and I can answer any questions you may have, and understand your situation, your goals, etc. You can initiate that conversation by either calling me, Dale Henry directly at (612) 306-1379 or completing the “Contact Us” form.

Leadership Coaching and Other Programs?

To find out about Leadership Coaching, or other coaching, training and development programs with Dale, (available through Critical Insight Group) go here. Or simply call Dale at (612) 306-1379.




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