The Professional Coaching Adventure of a Lifetime™

Where Ordinary People Learn How To
Accomplish Extraordinary Things


Your Life Can Be an Amazing Story

Unfortunately, most people never escape ‘Act One’.
You don’t have to be like most people.


Activate Your Real World Superpowers

We’ll take you WAY BEYOND StrengthsFinder talents,
all the way to Real World Superpowers!


Experience The Professional Coaching Adventure of a Lifetime™

Get life-transforming results, through a fun and fascinating experience.

This innovative coaching program is intentionally design so you experience exactly what it feels like to live the life of a ‘real world superhero’. Not just during the program, but for the rest of your life if you want to! Can you imagine…?

What Are You Looking For? 

If you’re like most of my clients, your life is fine right now. But ‘fine’ isn’t really all that you imagined for your life. You want more from life, and you want to give more in life. You want your life’s story to be more interesting.

You wonder what could really be possible, if…if you just had some help or had a guide that could help you move past the few things that are holding you back.

Most times people just need one or two answers, or a catalyst, to help them begin the journey to a better, more interesting, more valuable life. (See the stories below.)

That’s exactly what this program is designed to provide. And it does it all in a fun, engaging, and thought-provoking way. Your life story can be truly amazing, and unbelievably rewarding. You just need to begin your adventure – the professional coaching adventure of a lifetime™.


So, What is Your Story?

Would you like it to be like any of the stories below?

Real World (Client) Stories

Ashley - Launch

A millennial with little else than a college degree (and the massive debt to prove it), launches a ‘little’ wedding planning business. And in just 6 years it becomes the largest wedding planning business in North America! How did she do it?

Chad - Break Free

A Gen-Xer Army veteran is stuck (well, call it ‘trapped’) in a 12 year career he hates…a career he ‘fell into’ after serving our country. Today he’s loving life (and being a newlywed), and wakes up each day so excited he’s almost embarrassed to call his new career ‘work’.

Leah - Follow Passion

This one’s short and sweet, because Leah is so sweet and her launch was amazingly short. Leah fulfills a dream she held for nearly 20 years – to start her very own Yoga studio – in just 60 days! Now that’s ‘super’ amazing. Find out how she did it.

Tim - Play Bigger

He had achieved all of the goals he had set for himself, now what? Try something new…take what he’s doing now to the next level? Playing bigger is Tim’s DNA (and probably his tattoo), so that’s what he did – launched (with partners) a hospitality management business of his own.

'Boomer' - Greatness

This one’s all about the numbers – big numbers. As a business how do you increase profits in a big way, with the team of people you already have? Well, this company started by playing to the (true) strengths of just three people and increased their profits…75%! A simple little $4 million idea.

YOU - Your Success Story!

The world needs your story. Most people have no idea what they’re actually capable of. That probably includes you! Let me introduce you to your true untapped potential. Let’s work together so you can live the amazing life story you truly desire, and change the world for the better in the process.

[UPDATE] “Hey there, Dale!! Thanks for reaching out [with congratulations on her new/dream job].


This all lined up as a result of the work we did together. I’m incredibly excited about the role, the team, and the potential to contribute in more authentic ways.

Also, [husband] and I didn’t move to Panama, but we did sell our house in Oakland, and in downsizing and reducing costs, bought a small house directly on the water in a town called Pittsburg (still in California). With a dock in the backyard, we even bought a boat. And although we’re still working, we feel like we’re living on vacation.

It’s what patience and a sense of direction have yielded. It’s been a couple of years, and our sessions created the direction for all of this transition. I give you immense credit!”


Senior Program Manager - Implementation Stratetgy & Enablement, Workday

Superpowers Activated

Lives Transformed

Passions Inspired

Days You Should Wait

Rough estimates…actuals may vary slightly.

But we have worked with thousands of individuals and a lot of great companies.
For complete list of Dale’s client go here.


A final (real world) example of what
‘Ordinary People Accomplishing Extraordinary Things’
looks like!

47 years old & unemployed…with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Watch how the judges, and audience, change their attitudes once she starts singing.

Yet, just 8 months later!

Do you yearn for adventure, hear a call to greatness, or

Simply want more out of life?  You can do it, too!

Don’t wait any longer.

Do you yearn for adventure,

Hear a call to greatness, or

Simply want more out of life?

You can do it, too!

Don’t wait any longer.



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